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M3U editor for your IPTV needs

Eddy was made out of necessity, it started off as a personal project to suit my needs, but then I realised I should share it with others.Due to the fact it was only suited to my needs it may bebuggy but I hope it works for you! It runs smoothly on most Windows versions(incl. Windows 10) without any VLC dependencies !


• Quick loading of channels
• Edit URL
• Edit channel name
• Edit channel logo
• Sorting by categories alphabetically
• Test stream in app

Creating pages manually

The format of your M3U list should look like as follows

#EXTINF:0, tvg-id="New EPG" tvg-logo="New Logo" tvg-name="New Channel" group-title="New Group",New Channel

Dont worry! Nearly all M3U lists available online are in this format


The source code of this software is MIT licensed, the full license(incl. attributions) for this software is available here

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